Japanese Studies on Multicultural society in Indonesia, called in the familiar name JASMIN, established in 2004, is the association emphasize on educating, teaching, and introducing of the japanese language and Japanese cultural in Indonesia.

The symbol of Jasmin is a jasmine has 5 spathes with the pink gradation’s colour. The jasmine means the association of JASMIN works softly but hard to defeat. JASMIN can face the challenges in globalization era.The five spathes mean as the japanese people think that the five numeral is a smallest numeral can make an ideal of the group. We hope though 5 persons operates this association, this association can develop its programs agree with the ends. Then, about the colour of the jasmine, the pink gradation’s colour, means to realize its programs, JASMIN will put forward the planning program step by step. Certainly, it gets the end optimally for developing association

The activities of JASMIN is various. JASMIN introduces the Japanese culture such as the Japanese dance Yosakoi, the Japanese song, the tea ceremony (cha no yu), the Japanese drama, and the Japanese cooking etc. JASMIN introduces too the Japanese language through the regular courses from the basic level till the advance level.

For supporting theirs programs, JASMIN opens the cooperation’s link with the other’s institutions. JASMIN realize that can not work on own’s own without the others. Untill now, JASMIN has co-operation with some institutions either in Japan or in Indonesia. In Japan, The japanese school, MANABI, and NIHONGO CENTER, are the JASMIN’s links. JASMIN sends the Indonesian student will study thejapanese language in Japan every year. In the domestic, JASMIN has co-operation with some universities and some hotels to give a house training program related the japanese language.

In JASMIN, the regular japanese courses are devided into some groups. They are:

Classified into 1A level, 1B level, and 1C level . This class uses the book of the Minna no Nihongo 1. Each of levels needs 4 months for studying.

Classified into 2A level, and 2B level. This class uses the book of the Minna no Nihongo 2. Each of levels needs 4 months for studying.

Classified into BL 1A, BL 1B, BL 1C and BL 2A, BL 2B, BL 2C This class uses the book of Donna toki dou tsukau nihongo bunkei hyougen and the book of Chuukyuu eno chousen I, II III. Each of levels needs 4 months for studying.

This class is the top class. The students that join in this class are the students have japanese ability equal level 2 of Japanese Language Proficiency Test. The used book is the collection of the japanese newspaper’s articles. This class needs 1 year for studying.

This class consists Preparation class for Japanese Language for Proficiency Test, Kanji class, In house training class, Private class and Origami class. Those classes except the preparation class for japanese language for proficiency test are carried out temporarily.